How To Clean Out Your Closet

How to clean out your closet quickly and easily! If the thought of cleaning out your closet brings on overwhelming feelings of guilt for buying too much or anxiety of not knowing where to begin, then this video is for you. In this video, I’ll share three quick and easy steps to get you started on cleaning out your closet. The good news is we have a few trendy trade Clothing Swap Events right around the corner for you to get rid of things you no longer use and trade them for things you will! (Click the image below to play video.)

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It sounds like such a daunting task — cleaning out your closet — but with just a few quick and easy tips, I hope to help you breakdown this task so it is a little less overwhelming, rewarding actually and helps you make the most of what you already have.

Go through each of the three steps, one at a time, that I’ll be sharing with you here and when you’re done, you’ll have everything ready to go for the next trendy trade Clothing Swap Event that you attend. Plus, you’ll find space in your closet for all your new favorite finds you are sure to bring home with you from the next clothing swap!

How To Clean Out Your Closet | Step 1: Purge

This doesn’t take long and, in fact, should be done quickly. Start at one end of your closet and work your way across (left to right) and then top to bottom, looking for items that are completely worn out and not usable. If beyond repair, these items should go directly into a pile you set aside for recycling. If you do a Google search, you can try to find a location near you that takes textiles for recycling or find a company that accepts the fabric for reuse.

How To Clean Out Your Closet | Step 2: Filter

After you’ve purged, then you’ll want to go back through your closet paying a little more attention to what you are getting rid of. Follow the same pattern and work the same way as before (left to right and then top to bottom) and filter out items that are still in good condition, but no longer fit. This is where painful realism comes into play. If it is too big or too small, the item should go directly into your swapping pile. If an item has sentimental value, store it, but free up the space in your closet.

How To Clean Out Your Closet | Step 3: Match

With the work you’ve completed so far, the items left in your closet should be usable items that fit you well. Double check what you’ve done by “closet shopping” and putting together outfits for yourself in advance of needing to wear them. This will also help you take inventory of what items you need to get to complete an outfit or look. Then, be on the lookout for those items at the next trendy trade Clothing Swap Event.

My hope is that these few quick and easy closet cleaning tips will help you make the most of what you already have and then also give you a head start on filtering through your closet so you have a bag ready to go when you attend your next trendy trade Clothing Swap Event.

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Shop by Fit, Not Size

Shop by fit, not size. In this video, I’ll explain why by showing one trendy trade Clothing Swap find styled three different ways. I’ll also help answer the question, “What sizes do you have at trendy trade?” Plus, I have three more clothing swap finds to share with you as examples of what you will see at upcoming events. (Click image below to play video.)

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One of the most frequently asked questions we get about trendy trade is, “What sizes do you have?” Typically we get a really nice range of sizes so there usually always ends up being something for everyone. We will always encourage you to shop by fit, not by size at trendy trade Clothing Swap Events for several reasons:

  • Every brand has different sizing
  • Washing & drying changes the size
  • Items can be worn many different ways

So, to show you the advantages of shopping by fit, not by size, in the video above I’ll show you one trendy trade Clothing Swap find styled three different ways. The main piece that I’ll be styling for you is from Forever 21.

shop by fit not size at trendy trade

As we all know, you can find items there on both ends of the quality spectrum. I have some pieces from there that wore out very quickly and got holes and I have other pieces from there that have lasted years and I love wearing regularly. This one is polyester, rayon and spandex. It’s tan colored with a black floral lace pattern that looks like an overlay but actually isn’t. French darts are sewn in from the waist up and then from the waist down there is a little bit of a flare to the skirt. It has short sleeves and zips up the back.

The reason I chose this piece is that while this was likely originally intended as a dress, the most common way I wear it is as a top. This is also the reason I encourage you to shop by fit, and not by size when you come to a trendy trade Clothing Swap Event. Someone a little smaller, or with a different body shape, would probably be able to get away with wearing this as a dress. For me, it’s too short to wear as a dress, but makes a great top. That’s why we’ll always encourage you to shop by fit and not by size because the same item can be styled different for different people depending on your body type.

So the three ways I’ll style this for you today are:

  • Casual day out
  • Down to business
  • Bundled up for fall.

Casual day out

For casual day out, I have this styled with a pair of skinny jeans, a beautiful vintage style necklace, big pearl earrings and neutral heels and matching purse. By the way, the purse and shoes were also trendy trade Clothing Swap Event finds! Styled this way, the dress makes a beautiful top that is easy to throw on and go for a casual outing or if you just want to look good while running errands.

Down to business

For down to business, I have this styled as a dress, with a black jacket, black heels, statement earrings and bracelets. Depending on your office environment, you could also pair it with a pencil skirt or black dress pants.

Bundled up for fall

For bundled up for fall, I have this styled with a black cardigan, black scarf, black leggings and boots. The layers will keep you fashionably warm while you are on a fall outing and this is a super cute way to extend the use of your summer dresses into the fall.

So whether it is for a casual day out, getting down to business or bundling up for fall, this one dress can be worn those three ways and help you make the most of what you already have in your wardrobe or might find at an upcoming trendy trade Clothing Swap Event.

Interested in seeing the try-on? Click here to watch the video and also see more trendy trade Clothing Swap Event finds!

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Reclaim Your Style With 3 Easy Tips

Reclaim your style with these 3 easy tips! Plus, I’ll show you three more trendy trade Clothing Swap Event finds. One is an item with an original retail value of over $170 and will be available at a future event so stay tuned! Remember, you are the one that has to navigate through your day and through your life so wear what you feel comfortable and confident in! (Click image below to play video.)

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Recently, I started these videos as a way to give you some insight into the trendy trade Clothing Swap Event culture and what it’s all about and to show you some of the clothing and accessories that come through the events so you can see what to expect. Once you are comfortable with seeing why we do what we do and how we do it, then maybe you will decide to join us at an upcoming clothing swap event. If you want to learn a little more about how a trendy trade Clothing Swap Event works, after reading this, hop on over to the video “Three Clothing Swap Finds, Power of Color and About trendy trade.”

I have had a lot of big life changes over the last couple years and it has completely taken a toll on my wardrobe. My closet has become this “patchwork quilt” of fabric of sorts filled with all these different styles. Now, I have just been experimenting with trying to figure out what my style is currently. Just when I think I know what direction I am going, the seasons change or new trends are announced or another life change happens and I have to figure it all out all over again.

The other day, I heard a former fashion designer being interviewed and one of the things he said was that he didn’t believe in trends, he believed that you need to find out who you are and what suits you and dress according to that. Once I heard that, all the pressure was off and it got it me thinking about what I liked, what I felt comfortable in and what I felt good in. So that’s my new direction and I want to share these three tips with you if you are struggling to find your style:

  • Find your favorite colors on you
  • Find the outfit you feel confident in and copy that
  • Feel free to experiment

Reclaim Your Style – Tip 1: Find your favorite colors on YOU

How many of us are guilty of looking in our closet and seeing a chunk of white, a chunk of gray and a chunk of black? So that’s great because those colors go with everything, and that was me for a long time too. But I never felt like it matched my personality or really went with who I was. My sister sent me a necklace one day and it was a soft, bright turquoise color and when I tried it on, I loved it. It was nothing I would ever buy for myself, but once I had it, I started to experiment with adding other colors to my wardrobe.

trendy trade Clothing Swap Events are really a great place to experiment, because you have dozens of ladies with all different styles, all different tastes bringing everything together and you can literally go through everything there and try it all on if you want or take it home with you and then you can also begin to find new favorite colors that you like on you.

Reclaim Your Style – Tip 2: Find the outfit in your closet you feel confident in and copy that

For a very long time for me, especially when I was in the fashion jewelry business for several years and then moved into the corporate world, my go-to outfit was a sheath dress and black jacket. I loved it, I felt great in it. It always gave me a polished look and I always got compliments. So I had a couple black jackets and lots of sheath dresses and I never had to think or worry about what I was going to wear. That was just “it” for me for that point in time in my life — my confidence outfit. If you go to your closet, you can easily point out the one or two outfits in there that every time you put them on you feel like you can take on the world that day. That is your confidence outfit and that is what you should copy.

Reclaim Your Style – Tip 3: Feel free to experiment

In this day and age, there is no right or wrong when it comes to fashion (although I have seen some people wearing some things that I wish I hadn’t!) But seriously, NOW anything goes. Again, this is another really great reason to join us at a trendy trade Clothing Swap Event, because we are literally putting hundreds of items in front of you at each event that are the sum of dozens and dozens of ladies closets and it’s your chance to try on things you normally wouldn’t, get feedback from people you can trust and if you take it home and end up loving it, great, keep it! If not, bring it back and swap it for something at the next clothing swap event. But really, trying on new things you typically wouldn’t is one of the best ways to find something new that you might end up loving!

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as the fashion police. You are the one that has to navigate through your life and through your day, so I hope these tips help take some fashion pressure off of you and help you be fully comfortable with who you are as you work to reclaim your style.

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Power of Color, About Us & 3 Clothing Swap Finds

Today we’re talking about the power of color in what you wear. I’ll also show you three items you can find at trendy trade Clothing Swap Events. For those of you that are new to trendy trade, I’ll explain what goes on at our clothing swaps. Plus, I’ll tell you where I stumbled upon a contest for a free pair of shoes every week that you can enter! (Click image below to play video.)

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We have done more than 50 events all across the country in the last five years and one thing that I have learned along the way is that some women are braver than others, so I wanted to start doing these videos for a couple reasons:

  1. It gives you some insight into the trendy trade culture and what it’s all about
  2. You’ll be able to see some of the clothing and accessories… tops, dresses, shoes, jewelry, shirts, pants …that are going to be at or have been at a trendy trade
  3. Once you know more about trendy trade and can see the types of items you might be able to expect to get at an event, you’ll feel comfortable enough with it to be brave and come to your first event!

trendy trade: How It Works

If you haven’t yet been to a trendy trade Clothing Swap Event, I want to explain how it works. We pick a date, time and place where we want to have the clothing swap and spread the word — all women are invited to attend. Just clean out your closet with things you don’t use anymore (shoes, purses, dresses, pants, jeans, tops, sweaters, coats, jewelry) and bring them with you – we ask for a minimum of five. You can purchase your ticket online in advance, which helps us to better plan the event and know how many ladies to expect. At some events, tickets are available for purchase at the door. Selling tickets allows us to continue to put on great events for you and helps to cover some of the costs associated with planning the events.

So now that you have cleaned out your closet and brought your items, we ask for just about 30 minutes to get everyone checked in, get all of the items screened and sorted. During that time you can grab a something to eat or drink at the venue and meet some of the other ladies there. One of my favorite parts of the events is seeing ladies that were strangers at the beginning of the event become friends by the end. Once we open it up for swapping, you are able to go through everything that’s there and take whatever you want home with you, typically up to the number of items you brought. So bring 5 take 5, bring 20, take 20.

Supporting women locally

One of the causes near and dear to my heart is helping and supporting single moms, so we will find a local charity along those lines and donate the unclaimed items at the end of the event. Depending on the needs of those organizations, we’ll also carryover some items left at the end of an event to the next trendy trade.

It’s a lot of fun, all the ladies that attend are super nice, nobody judges and nobody bites, so if you haven’t joined us before, please plan to join us in 2017. We’re currently in the process of getting a few events organized in a few different cities, so stay tuned for those details or sign-up for our newsletter to be the first to know when those details are released! Also, if you want to see photos from our events, visit our Facebook page and check out the albums from past events.

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A Life Repurposed: Audrey’s Story – Part 1

a life repurposed blog audrey's story part 1

One small event can be the catalyst for big life change. We’ve seen it happen over and over again at our trendy trade clothing swap events. Within our first couple of events, I began to realize the power of just getting a group of women together in one place at one time. The clothes, purses, shoes and jewelry are all a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong, but simply having the power to reach out and connect with other women face-to-face, is the launching pad for even greater things to happen.

At one of the clothing swap events, I asked one of the ladies if she had found anything [clothing] and her emphatic reply was “I found my purpose!” as she tossed her hand up in the air. I was so excited for her because I knew how important it was at that point in her life. Audrey, a wife and stay-at-home mother for over 20 years was sending her first born off to college and watching her second grow up just as quickly and contemplating what her life would hold next.

A model of excellence, any domestic goddess would lose her crown trying to keep up with this lady. Every room perfectly packaged, every meal carefully cooked, and a house filled with love, it’s the kind of place where you feel right at home the moment you step foot across the threshold. In Audrey’s house, marriage and motherhood are an art and she has mastered it. So it caught her, and everyone else, by surprise that she was now searching for new meaning in life.

She had connected with another woman at one of our trendy trade Phoenix clothing swap events and they began talking about a partnership that could come from the connection. It was a win/win situation and perfectly timed – quite the serendipitous encounter.

What we didn’t know at the time was that the small conversation was only the beginning of an inspiring story with a journey that would take her across the world and back and an ending that is still yet to be written. One thing always leads to another and through this encounter, Audrey found seeds being planted in her heart to prepare her to help women in need across the globe.

Her decision to travel to Cambodia was just as surprising to her as it was to everyone that knew her. Leaving the comfort of her family, community and home was a risk, but going with a large group helped to put her at ease. However, things didn’t stay that way. As the trip approached, the group dwindled from 12 to three and then the day before, just two…

Next week this story continues. Check back then for Part 2 of A Life Repurposed: Audrey’s Story

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What is a beautiful exchange?

trendy trade clothing swap events a beautiful exchange blog

What makes an exchange beautiful? We believe that an exchange is beautiful when both sides involved in the exchange win. It’s not beautiful if someone comes out ahead at the expense of someone else. That’s not an arrangement we want any part of and so at each trendy trade clothing swap event, you will find a series of beautiful exchanges.

The primary exchange is the clothing that is being traded. Item-for-item, you’re attending and trading clothing, accessories and other items you don’t use for items you will use. That’s beautiful and just plain smart too! You are spending less, saving more and making the most of what you already have by exchanging unused items for items you will love to use. That’s beautiful.

A secondary exchange that happens is a product of the clothing swap events. Without fail, we have a surplus of clothes and we have found a way to make the most of these as well by helping women in need right here in our community. At the end of each trendy trade clothing swap event, unclaimed items are donated to a local women’s charity. They receive the clothes, which become a valuable resource for helping to transform lives, and at the same time we are given the opportunity to feel good about helping other women in our community.

One of the most beautiful exchanges that is made during a trendy trade clothing swap event is through product sales. The only items sold, and not traded, at a trendy trade clothing swap event are handmade items from Sak Saum and Living Hope Maternity Home. They offer us a beautiful product to use and enjoy and in exchange, we can pay for that product knowing that money is being used directly to change lives. Yes, you can get the same thing at a store, but here we know exactly how our money spent is making the world a better place.

Another beautiful exchange is the exchange of knowledge and encouragement that happens among the women at our events. Whether it is between the women that are attending and sharing uplifting conversations and encouraging words with one another or our vendors and local women business owners providing education about their products and services, beautiful exchanges are going on all around during our trendy trade clothing swap events. Local women business owners have been selected to attend and share their knowledge, products and services with attendees. You are getting information, products and services from a quality vendor and being connected with women that can become a valuable and knowledgeable resource for you at the same time. We love seeing the doors that open and new opportunities created for women when these types of connections are made.

There are layers upon layers of beautiful exchanges happening each time we gather for a trendy trade clothing swap event. The impact ripples out into the world around us and we’ll spread the impact as far as we can reach. Each time you attend, you are also supporting women locally and globally, just by having an afternoon of fun and walking out the door with new fabulous favorite finds – that is just plain beautiful.


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