Keep Your Closet Clean (Once & For All!)

Keep your closet clean once and for all by putting it through these three tests shown in today’s video: The Hanger Test, The Hamper Test or The Hanging Test. (Click the image below to watch the video.)

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I’ve shared some closet cleaning tips and tricks in other videos recently, so now that you have spent a ton of time cleaning out your closet, how do you finally keep it clean once and for all?!

Clothes, shoes, purses and accessories have their way of creeping into our closets, whether through impulse buys, receiving gifts or therapy shopping – and our well-intentioned closet cleaning just went down the tubes and we jam pack more and more into our wardrobe.

So how do you keep your closet clean once you have taken the time to go through it all? There are lots of different suggestions out there that you can follow, today, I want to share the tips that I use to keep my closet under control.

keep your closet clean

Keep Your Closet Clean – The Hanger Test

Go into your closet and turn all the hangers backwards. Mark a date on your calendar where you want to go back into your closet and check the hangers. This could be a few weeks to a few months out or even a year. In the meantime, anytime you wear something, put it back on the hanger and hang the hanger in your closet as you normally would. On the date you have picked, go back into your closet and remove all the items that are left on the backwards hangers. Those are the items that you haven’t used in the period of time you set for yourself and can go ahead and clean out of your closet.

Keep Your Closet Clean – The Hamper Test

The hamper test is one of the best ways that I have found to monitor what I am using and what I am not. If you typically do laundry once per week, go 2-3 weeks (or even 4 if you can stand it) without doing laundry. In that period of time, anything that you wear goes into the hamper once you are done with it. At the end of your 2 weeks, 3 weeks or 4 weeks, see what you have left hanging in your closet. These are the items that you most likely rarely (if ever use) and are probably safe to get rid of.

Keep Your Closet Clean – The Hanging Test

My last test is the hanging test. How well can you see the items that you have hanging in your closet? If your answer is “Not very well,” then most likely you are failing the hanging test. Items that are out of sight, out of mind are less likely to get used. So the more crowded your closet is, the less you are likely using the items in it. For the hanging test, make sure that everything is actually hanging in your closet, versus being packed in so tightly that they are pushed up against each other. If your items, aren’t hanging, then it’s time to clean out your closet. See our closet cleaning video for more tips.

So give one of these a try! Whether it’s the hanger test, the hamper test or the hanging test, one of these or even all three will help keep your closet happy and help you to keep your closet cleaned and organized once and for all!

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