Listen to Your Inner Voice

trendy trade clothing swap events inner voice blog There is that still small voice that always guides us into doing the right things and making the right decisions – if you tune into it. That same inner voice also tells us when something does not feel quite right. Listen to it. At several times in my life when I had some tough decisions to make or had to take a leap of faith, I let my decisions be guided by that inner voice, no matter how crazy or outrageous the decision seemed to be at the time.

At those times where that quiet little inner voice was directing me, when I listened, everything went well and was perfect. At times when I didn’t, everything became difficult and challenging. Call it intuitive or spiritual, I’ve learned to listen to it and it has never steered me wrong. That’s not to say that our good decisions don’t sometimes lead us down difficult paths, they certainly can, but in those instances it is for our own development, growth or learning.

If this whole concept makes you nervous, start small. Try the concept out on something trivial—maybe a food or clothing change. Wait until you have mastered it before making a career change or housing move – those are bigger so you want to make sure you are hearing it right. Sometimes you won’t always like what you hear. Sometimes it seems to be guiding you to something completely contradictory than what you had planned for your life. It’s ok.

That voice is there to keep us on the right track and help us along on our path. Life doesn’t come with directions, but we are given that inner voice to guide us along the way. Tune in to it – it’s quieter than all the other voices screaming out for your attention and it will never steer you wrong.


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Surrender actually can be sweet

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I never understood why surrender was so sweet. As a former control freak, if you wanted to get me anywhere close to surrender, you’d have to drag me kicking and screaming to it. Nothing about surrender ever felt natural, or sweet, until now.

Think about your options. If you don’t surrender, the only other choice is to keep battling it. Constant opposition is exhausting. Constant opposition steals focus from more important things that should be getting your attention.

So, I give up! When I say I give up, I mean I am relinquishing full control, which means I no longer own this problem. I so badly don’t want it that I keep trying to, with force, keep it at an arms length at minimum — or at most — actively try to to push it out of my life. It’s constant battling. If I don’t make that choice on my own, eventually I will wear myself out trying to fight it, and then at the point of exhaustion I will give up.

When nothing else works and we’ve tried all we can try, we give up and surrender. Most of the time it’s the last thing we do when it should be the first. If it’s the first, we save ourselves so much grief, energy and in some cases, resources and money. We become so tired of “it” so sick of “it” so desperate to be done with “it” that we just finally fall in exhaustion and give up. That’s the point of surrender. We decide to be done with it. We’ve fought until there is no more fight in us.

We’re not giving way to it, we’re simply choosing to loosen the tie that it has on us – and that is what can be so sweet about surrender. It detaches us from that thing that we never wanted in the first place.


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