How to Host a Clothing Swap

Learn how to host a clothing swap of your own with these quick and easy tips. I’ll share a few tips on organizing events that we have learned the past 5 years with trendy trade. Plus, I’ll share three more clothing swap finds so you know what you can expect to see at upcoming events! (Click image below to play video.)

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We’ve been hosting trendy trade Clothing Swap Events for over 5 years and have learned a lot in that time about what works and what doesn’t. So, today I’ll be sharing some information with you that will help if you decide you want to learn how to host a clothing swap of your own.

When we put on a trendy trade Clothing Swap Event, one of our main goals is to get a group of ladies together and connect everyone and see what happens. Many times really wonderful things happen when wonderful ladies get together, so that is always a thrill to see. On top of that, we get to clean out our closets, free up some space, and go home with great new finds. If all that isn’t enough, everything left goes to a local organization that helps single moms in need. It’s a way to help other women in your community at the same time. That’s why we say “do some good while having fun.”

Those are all of the reasons that we love trendy trade, but the truth is that anyone can host a clothing swap event anywhere they want to, anytime, so if that is something you are thinking of doing, here are a few tips:

  • Invite friends
  • Set some ground rules
  • Keep the swap simple
  • Have fun
  • Find someone to benefit

Invite friends at least 2 weeks in advance

If you are planning to invite your friends, send out invitations at least 2 weeks in advance. If it is just friends, family or friends of friends, you can host the clothing swap in your house. Designate a room or area in your house where you will put everything. Have places for trying on and plenty of full-length mirrors available for everyone to use. (Make sure to clear out your home décor from the room or anything that you wouldn’t want to accidentally get swapped!) Giving everyone at least 2 weeks notice on the invite gives your friends time to prepare and clean out their closets.

Set some ground rules

Next, you’ll want to set clear expectations for your guests so everyone knows what to bring and what to expect. Some of the things we recommend are: types of items to bring, level of cleanliness, timeline for the evening, and swapping rules for fairness. Creating a few ground rules will help set the tone for the swap and help everyone know what to expect.

Keep the swap simple

You can use the things you already have in your house to hang and display the clothing. Ask friends if they have anything you can borrow to help display items for the swap. Tables, chairs and coats racks all make excellent places to lay or hang clothing for display. Put out a few snacks and refreshments, just keep it simple.

Have fun!

Most importantly have fun! Ladies love a reason to get together and this is the perfect excuse to get out of the house, have some fun and help other women at the same time.

Find someone to benefit

Lastly, find someone to benefit. There are going to be items left at the end and ask the ladies there if they mind if anything leftover is donated to a local charity. A lot of thrift stores and charities are used to getting things people don’t want and a lot of times that means things that even the stores and charities don’t want — so it’s nice to help a place that needs it by giving them some of the really nice things that are generated at the clothing swap that you host with you and your friends.

I hope you have found these tips on learning how to host a clothing swap of your own helpful. Don’t forget to click the video above to learn more on how to host a clothing swap, plus see more trendy trade Clothing Swap Event finds!

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