Act Wisely and Judge Less

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At times we all make decisions that we regret. Maybe we were too quick to judge or found out more information later on, that if we had just been patient, would have come to the surface eventually and changed the decision we would have made. We are human, so expect that mistakes will be made and when they are, allow room for forgiveness. Let us make it our goal to more regularly act with wisdom and judge less. Wisdom should be in the foundation of every decision made.

What is the difference between acting with wisdom as opposed to judging? Making a judgment call is, basically stated, categorizing a situation or a person based on your limited knowledge of the circumstances. Wisdom, on the other hand, is preceded by patience and understanding. Wisdom recognizes it does not know all, see all or interpret all correctly. Wisdom also:

• Comes from the heart
• Produces good
• Brings healing
• Takes you where you need to go next

Wisdom, just like any intangible, is always tough to grasp. There is no clear moment when you have grabbed a hold of wisdom. Wisdom is something we constantly grow in — so strive to seek it out. It will not come perfectly every single time, but it is worth striving for.


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One simple solution: just love

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If you find yourself fighting a constant battle of relational issues with someone, let me ask, are you loving that person? One simple concept can solve so many of our problems, yet we don’t do it for a myriad of reasons. We think we’re not capable, we think they don’t deserve it or we simply don’t want to. After all, how can you love someone so difficult, mean, abrasive or harsh?

Loving someone doesn’t mean putting yourself in harms way. You don’t have to be constantly subjected to unhealthy words and circumstances. Loving someone in a healthy way comes from a place of compassion and it’s not always easy, but it is worth it. If you can get to a place of realizing why that difficult person acts the way they do, that is the beginning of compassion, which is the beginning of love.

Think about a time when someone showed you love, even if you didn’t deserve it. How did it feel? Now, how would you feel if you could extend that same understanding to someone else? If not for them, for yourself? To get you in a place of being able to manage through difficulties.

If we would widen our perspectives we would see that the answer to so many things is to just love, even when it’s difficult. Amazing things happen when you choose to show compassion to someone even if it seems they don’t deserve it. You could impact them in a life-changing way just by setting the example — just love.


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