Reclaim Your Style With 3 Easy Tips

Reclaim your style with these 3 easy tips! Plus, I’ll show you three more trendy trade Clothing Swap Event finds. One is an item with an original retail value of over $170 and will be available at a future event so stay tuned! Remember, you are the one that has to navigate through your day and through your life so wear what you feel comfortable and confident in! (Click image below to play video.)

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Recently, I started these videos as a way to give you some insight into the trendy trade Clothing Swap Event culture and what it’s all about and to show you some of the clothing and accessories that come through the events so you can see what to expect. Once you are comfortable with seeing why we do what we do and how we do it, then maybe you will decide to join us at an upcoming clothing swap event. If you want to learn a little more about how a trendy trade Clothing Swap Event works, after reading this, hop on over to the video “Three Clothing Swap Finds, Power of Color and About trendy trade.”

I have had a lot of big life changes over the last couple years and it has completely taken a toll on my wardrobe. My closet has become this “patchwork quilt” of fabric of sorts filled with all these different styles. Now, I have just been experimenting with trying to figure out what my style is currently. Just when I think I know what direction I am going, the seasons change or new trends are announced or another life change happens and I have to figure it all out all over again.

The other day, I heard a former fashion designer being interviewed and one of the things he said was that he didn’t believe in trends, he believed that you need to find out who you are and what suits you and dress according to that. Once I heard that, all the pressure was off and it got it me thinking about what I liked, what I felt comfortable in and what I felt good in. So that’s my new direction and I want to share these three tips with you if you are struggling to find your style:

  • Find your favorite colors on you
  • Find the outfit you feel confident in and copy that
  • Feel free to experiment

Reclaim Your Style – Tip 1: Find your favorite colors on YOU

How many of us are guilty of looking in our closet and seeing a chunk of white, a chunk of gray and a chunk of black? So that’s great because those colors go with everything, and that was me for a long time too. But I never felt like it matched my personality or really went with who I was. My sister sent me a necklace one day and it was a soft, bright turquoise color and when I tried it on, I loved it. It was nothing I would ever buy for myself, but once I had it, I started to experiment with adding other colors to my wardrobe.

trendy trade Clothing Swap Events are really a great place to experiment, because you have dozens of ladies with all different styles, all different tastes bringing everything together and you can literally go through everything there and try it all on if you want or take it home with you and then you can also begin to find new favorite colors that you like on you.

Reclaim Your Style – Tip 2: Find the outfit in your closet you feel confident in and copy that

For a very long time for me, especially when I was in the fashion jewelry business for several years and then moved into the corporate world, my go-to outfit was a sheath dress and black jacket. I loved it, I felt great in it. It always gave me a polished look and I always got compliments. So I had a couple black jackets and lots of sheath dresses and I never had to think or worry about what I was going to wear. That was just “it” for me for that point in time in my life — my confidence outfit. If you go to your closet, you can easily point out the one or two outfits in there that every time you put them on you feel like you can take on the world that day. That is your confidence outfit and that is what you should copy.

Reclaim Your Style – Tip 3: Feel free to experiment

In this day and age, there is no right or wrong when it comes to fashion (although I have seen some people wearing some things that I wish I hadn’t!) But seriously, NOW anything goes. Again, this is another really great reason to join us at a trendy trade Clothing Swap Event, because we are literally putting hundreds of items in front of you at each event that are the sum of dozens and dozens of ladies closets and it’s your chance to try on things you normally wouldn’t, get feedback from people you can trust and if you take it home and end up loving it, great, keep it! If not, bring it back and swap it for something at the next clothing swap event. But really, trying on new things you typically wouldn’t is one of the best ways to find something new that you might end up loving!

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as the fashion police. You are the one that has to navigate through your life and through your day, so I hope these tips help take some fashion pressure off of you and help you be fully comfortable with who you are as you work to reclaim your style.

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