Side Hustle FAQs

Side Hustle FAQs

As an Independent Contractor with Trendy TradeTM, you have the freedom to be creative when hosting each and every event. Let your inner trendsetter take hold and think outside the box to set-up your event and display the items. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions to help you as you begin your journey.

What kind of equipment do I need?

You will receive one clothing rack in your starter kit if you select the upgraded package. You can voluntarily decide what additional equipment you need as you go along to display the items. We recommend starting out with any items you may already have in your house or can find at the venue. For example, a coat rack, mannequin from home, or tables at the venue. Our goal is to make it look more like a boutique and less like a yard sale, so do what is manageable for you and your budget and make the most of what you already have and can bring from home or borrow from a friend or the venue where you are hosting the event.

How much space in my home do I need?

This is really up to you and what works best for you. You can set-up a home office if you wish, or simply have a closet to store your event supplies in. At home, you will need minimal office space to do some pre-event planning and post-event follow-up. Most of the clothes at the end will be donated, so the event supplies won’t take up much room in your house.

How do I get paid?

You will receive payment on 70% net event ticket sales within 10 business days of close of each event you successfully complete.

What benefits are there to running my own business?

Please consult with a CPA on tax benefits applicable to your business and circumstances. You may be able to see some tax benefits in running your own home-based business. Everyone’s situation is different, so a CPA will be able to tell you benefits specific to your circumstances.

How much time should I spend on this?

You can set your own schedule and decide your own hours. When you are actively promoting an event, you may spend more time on it than at other times when no event is scheduled. Our only expectation is that you host at least one event in your city in each 6-month period. You may want to host more. It’s up to you!

How much money will I make?

Your reward will match your effort and you will get out of this business what you put into it. You will receive a commission (70%) on the net ticket sales from each event. You may also seek out sponsors and vendors for each event as additional support for your business and additional forms of revenue. You would receive the same commission on that as well. As an example, if you sell each event ticket for $20 and you have 20 ladies attend. Plus, sell three vendor spaces at $50 each, your total gross sales from that event would be $385.

Where do I host a clothing swap?

We have recommendations on finding and working with a venue to set-up your first clothing swap event. You will receive this information in your training success binder.

How do I get people to come?

Invite, invite, invite! We have recommendations and resources we use to invite people to each Trendy Trade Clothing Swap Event. More information will be shared with you in your training success binder.

Am I responsible for appetizers, food or beverage at an event?

Try to select a venue where these can be purchased by your attendees. We recommend this so that you can focus on setting up and running a successful event.

What is my financial involvement in each event?

Other than the initial start-up cost, little to no financial involvement is required in running each event. What you choose to purchase to supplement your business and event supplies is entirely up to you. Also, if you decide to do any pre-event advertising, this would be an expense, but is entirely optional and also up to you.