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We have a heart for helping women — it’s at the core of why we do everything we do! If you also have a passion for helping others and welcome the opportunity to meet new people who can make an impact on your life, we encourage you to join the conversation, either online through our blog and Facebook or offline at our trendy trade clothing swap events.


Our blog exists to give you a deeper glimpse into who we are, where our hearts fall, and what happens in between our trendy trade clothing swap events. We also love sharing tips on how to empower yourself, attain happiness and of course, organize your closet, home and life!

We believe everyone has a purpose. It’s not always who we’ve been, but our journey has molded us into being used for this purpose now and we want to inspire you to find your purpose as well.

We’re giving old things new life, whether it is in our closets, in our lives, or in our hearts. We’ve been repurposed.

trendy trade clothing swap
trendy trade clothing swap events repurposed blog


We are not divided by country, continent or any other category defined by man; we are all in this together. Our goal is to recognize the world wide platform we are responsible for impacting. Here are some of the women that we have a privilege to help support through our trendy trade clothing swap events.

sak saum logo

Sak Saum serves the exploited and vulnerable of Cambodia. Though no two stories are alike, the outcome of trafficking and abject poverty is the same: brokenness, hopelessness, shame and life-crushing despair. Sak Saum works to end this devastating cycle by restoring dignity and transforming lives. They believe in seeing people set free through love so they can be empowered for their future. trendy trade is proud to support Sak Saum’ through showcasing their mission and products at our events.

umom logo

UMOM is an organization that helps mothers and families become self-sufficient after hardship. UMOM is the largest homeless shelter for families in the state of Arizona. trendy trade is proud to support UMOM by donating unclaimed items at the end of each trendy trade Phoenix clothing swap event to the clothing closet at UMOM where residents are able to cash in their earned clothing closet dollars for a new wardrobe.

San Diego Rescue Mission Logo

San Diego Rescue Mission counts it their privilege as well as their purpose to help the homeless and poor create better lives and build a better community for all. Their comprehensive programs lend to positive and lasting change. trendy trade is proud to support the San Diego Rescue Mission by donating unclaimed items at the end of each trendy trade San Diego clothing swap event to their organization.

Living Hope Ethiopia Logo

Living Hope Maternity Home is the first maternity home in Ethiopia. It provides life, hope and love to mothers that have been turned out on the streets because of their pregnancy and have nowhere else to go. Their services provide support and enable the women to make an income to aid them in being able to support their families when they leave the home. trendy trade is proud to support Living Hope through showcasing their mission and products.


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To provide women a venue to give, receive and enrich the lives of others through a beautiful exchange.

We have decided that now is the time for a change and this is where it begins. By working with what we already have, we’re carving out a place in this world where fashion meets frugality. We’re rolling up our sleeves, putting on our heels and looking fabulous while doing it. The trendy trade woman likes to look fashionable, but loves to steal a deal.

It’s our best kept fashion secret. You will go home not only with piles of new favorite finds, but also with money still in your wallet. Our hope is that because of your trendy trade experience, you feel richer when you leave than when you came. We’re taking over the country one city at a time and we’re not stopping there!