Minimalism and Sustainability in Fashion Clothing Swaps

Minimalism and sustainability in fashion are concepts built-in to Trendy Trade Clothing Swap Events. In this video, we’ll explain how you can help be more socially responsible and lessen your environmental impact. (Click image below to watch video.)

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Although clothing swaps don’t directly center around the idea of sustainability and minimalism, a huge concept behind why we do what we do is helping women make the most of what they have; which in a small way is minimalistic and sustainable.

Recently, I watched a documentary on Minimalism and it really opened my eyes to the amount of waste that is generated by this consumeristic society that has been evolving for decades—not just the waste of the product itself, but the waste that floods this planet as a byproduct of production. The documentary goes into a lot more detail about it and I would highly recommend catching it if you’re curious — You can catch it on Netflix or Amazon and it’s called Minimalism.

I have always considered myself a frugal person, it was just how I was raised and think I live more simply than most, but the documentary got me thinking about what I can do to further live a minimalistic and simple life, even more than I try to do now.

It got me thinking about how much stuff I bring in to my life, STILL — unnecessarily — and how I can truly be aware of what comes in that needs to and what comes in that doesn’t.

Today, I want to share three ways that a clothing swap is minimalistic and sustainable and encourage you to be brave and be willing to give clothing swaps a try.

Minimalism and Sustainability in Fashion Clothing Swaps


You could literally replace your entire wardrobe at each and every swap without ever buying a thing! In this way, it makes the transition to minimalistic concepts like capsule wardrobes more enjoyable because you are getting access to many more items without ever having to actually purchase them. Just pay your upfront fee for swapping, but there is no per cost item at a clothing swap.


By using items that already exist, you are avoiding contributing to unnecessary increases in production, which pollutes our planet. One thing that I learned in the documentary is that because of increased production, there is already an unsafe balance of pollutants in the air that we breathe. Think about where we will be in 5 years, 10 years, 50 years if this continues. By trading items at a clothing swap that are still in great shape and someone else can use, we are lessening the environmental impact by getting full use out of what has already been produced, instead of going out and buying something new.


This falls along the same lines as thrifting and buying secondhand or consignment items. In this way, we are not only using items that already exist instead of purchasing, but we are also supporting a culture, like the thrifting culture, that encourages reuse of items. The bonus here is that many of these types of organizations, like our Trendy Trade Clothing Swaps, also work to benefit great causes, such a women in need.

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