What should I bring?

You’ll want to bring a minimum of 5 items to swap. Bring 5, take 5… Bring 20, take 20! We accept stylish dry-cleaned or laundered clothing with no stains or signs of wear, including: pants, tops, jackets, sweaters, coats, dresses, skirts, purses, shoes, belts, hats and other trendy accessories.

Should I bring my clothes on hangers?

If you bring your clothes on hangers, make sure the hangers are ones you don’t mind us keeping. This is so we can make the checking in process as effective and fast as possible. Otherwise, you can bring your clothes without hangers since we always have plenty of extras!

Will I find something in my size?

What you bring because you’ve lost weight, will fit someone else who gained weight and vice versa. There is no standard size across brands, so we recommend shopping by fit, not by size. Maybe one lady’s top could be another lady’s dress, just add leggings. We encourage creativity, innovation, and frugality at trendy trade.

Will I be able to try things on?

At most all of our events we will have pop-up changing rooms available for your convenience and use.

What happens if I don’t see anything I like?

We invite you to shop not only for yourself, but also for your daughters, mothers, sisters, best friends, or any other woman that is important to you. It’s fun to let someone else know that you are thinking of them. Plus, you are always welcome to take back the items you came with as long as they have not been already swapped.

What happens to the clothes that are leftover?

Leftover items at the end of each trendy trade clothing swap event will either be donated to a local charity that helps women in need or carried over to the next swap.

Where does the money from the admission tickets go?

Money from admission tickets helps to offset some of the expenses of each of the events and goes towards expenses such as: labor, supplies, advertising and growth.

Need more ideas of what to bring? We all have that “perfect” dress or outfit that:
-we only wore one time
-still has the tags on it
-we kept because of ‘gift-guilt’
-looked perfect in the store, but not on us once we got it home
-bought on a final clearance
-we could wear before we lost all that weight
-we could wear before we gained all that weight
-just doesn’t fit right
-has been hanging in our closet, unworn, for over a year…