Act Wisely and Judge Less

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At times we all make decisions that we regret. Maybe we were too quick to judge or found out more information later on, that if we had just been patient, would have come to the surface eventually and changed the decision we would have made. We are human, so expect that mistakes will be made and when they are, allow room for forgiveness. Let us make it our goal to more regularly act with wisdom and judge less. Wisdom should be in the foundation of every decision made.

What is the difference between acting with wisdom as opposed to judging? Making a judgment call is, basically stated, categorizing a situation or a person based on your limited knowledge of the circumstances. Wisdom, on the other hand, is preceded by patience and understanding. Wisdom recognizes it does not know all, see all or interpret all correctly. Wisdom also:

• Comes from the heart
• Produces good
• Brings healing
• Takes you where you need to go next

Wisdom, just like any intangible, is always tough to grasp. There is no clear moment when you have grabbed a hold of wisdom. Wisdom is something we constantly grow in — so strive to seek it out. It will not come perfectly every single time, but it is worth striving for.


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Originally a frugalista by necessity, Jamie credits her mother’s and grandmother’s strength as women for her ingrained tenacious spirit, sense of justice and drive to help other women. Her interest in fashion sparked at the beginning of a 7-year career with a fashion jewelry company. In 2012, a devastating car accident refined her focus and purpose in life. She now lives to love God and serve women through trendy trade. In her spare time, Jamie enjoys gardening, yoga, reading, writing and nature. She spends most of her time in California with her big love (her husband) and her little love (her peke-a-poo.)