Favorite Clothing Swap Finds

My favorite clothing swap finds! Today I’ll be sharing some of my personal favorites found at Trendy Trade Clothing Swap Events. (Click the image below to watch video.)
favorite clothing swap finds

First I want to say thank you if you have ever been to a Trendy Trade! If you haven’t, I want to encourage you to be brave and be willing to give it a try this year!

For all of us, it can be scary to try something new, especially if you have no idea what you are getting in to. I am hoping that through these videos, you can check us out in advance and start to feel comfortable with the idea of a clothing swap.

Every single one of us there is in the same boat as you – we are cleaning out our closets and bringing it all to the event – and then searching for our new favorite finds. Everyone comes to have a great time and get great stuff and that’s why we are all there. I think sometimes we think things up in our head like, “Am I going to get judged?” Or, “Will anyone like my stuff? Or “Is my stuff good enough?” and I promise you – no one there is thinking that. All the clothes are screened in private after you drop them off at registration and no one knows who brought what.

If you have never been to Trendy Trade before, I would encourage you to just be willing to give just one event a try! There are a lot of benefits to coming to a clothing swap:


  • Most inexpensive way to get new clothes
  • Meet like-minded women and make new friends
  • Get a new wardrobe in under 2 hours (faster than shopping!)
  • Do some good while having fun (everything is donated to women in our community that need it.)
  • Help women locally and globally (in addition to donating to women in our community, we partner with international organizations committed to rescuing people from trafficking)
  • Walk away with hundreds of dollars in new clothes for just $20!
  • Something fun and unique to do – it’s a great experience!

So now that you know everything you can get for coming to a clothing swap, check out our upcoming events on the event page on our website or our Facebook page. Be brave, RSVP and join us soon!

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Next, I want to share some of my personal favorites that have come through Trendy Trade so that you can see what to expect when you attend a clothing swap with us.

We do get a lot of name brand items at the swaps, the ones I am going to show you today might not necessarily be name brands but are still recognizable, in great shape and cute so we accept them into the swaps. For me personally, when I am deciding what to wear, I don’t look at brand as much as I do fit and quality. For me, it’s more important to feel confident in what I am wearing more than I care about the brand.

My Favorite Clothing Swap Finds

Find #1 – The first item I want to show you is one that you may have seen on one of my other videos, (Shop by Fit, Not Size) but I absolutely adore this one. This one is polyester, rayon and spandex. It’s tan colored with a black floral lace pattern that looks like an overlay but isn’t. French darts are sewn in from the waist up and then from the waist down there is a little bit of a flare to the skirt. It has short sleeves and zips up the back. Something like this you would get for $25 originally at Forever 21.


Find #2 – The next item I absolutely love is this pair of slingback heels. I always try to have a neutral pair of heels in my closet. They are my go-to shoes for anytime daytime casual outfit – they are great to just dress it up a little bit. Any shoes that come in to Trendy Trade need to be new or in like-new condition. This brand (Style & Co) is one you would find at Macy’s. These originally retail for about $50. If you were to buy them used on an app like Poshmark, they’d go for about $25 in this condition (like-new).

slingback heels favorite clothing swap find trendy trade

Find #3 – This next item I would have as a wardrobe staple. It’s a denim colored button up shirt from GAP. Their boyfriend fit shirts range from $50-$60, you could catch one on sale for about $35. This is great for layering and is a very light material so can be worn year-round. This is a wardrobe basic and will never go out of style. You can dress this up a little bit. I’d pair it with a brightly colored (maybe yellow) belt around the waist around the top of the shirt and a black infinity scarf. I think would be absolutely adorable.

denim shirt favorite clothing swap find trendy trade

Find #4 – The next item that I want to share with you that I love is this maroon and black striped pencil skirt from Forever 21. This could be worn so many different ways, either pair with a black t-shirt and multi-stranded necklace for a casual outfit. Or, if you wanted to wear it to the office, maybe pair it with a black button-up collared shirt. It has elastic around the waist and zips up the back. Forever 21 is selling something similar, but not exactly the same, right now for $11. I found similar items on Poshmark that were originally about $20, selling for $10 used.

maroon and black striped skirt favorite clothing swap find trendy trade

Watch the video to see all the rest of my favorite clothing swap finds!

I’ll be posting more videos soon of even more items that we have seen come across at Trendy Trade Clothing Swap Events. Don’t forget to head on over to our Facebook page and like Trendy Trade there to stay up to date on all the latest. And sign-up for our newsletter so you can be the first to know about dates for events when we announce them in your area.

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Clothing Swap Haul

Clothing swap haul, just $20 for all! You can walk away with all of this and more at an upcoming Trendy Trade Clothing Swap Event! Join us! (Click image below to watch video and see our clothing swap haul!)

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If you are on a budget or simply get a rush from finding great deals, then you will want to check out an upcoming Trendy Trade clothing swap event near you! Today, I am going to show you everything you can walk away with at Trendy Trade. At most events, swapping is somewhere around $20 and you can walk out with bags and bags of new favorite finds. So here’s a few that we found at the last Trendy Trade just so you can see what to expect when you check out an event!

If you have never been to a Trendy Trade Clothing Swap Event before want to learn more about how it work, we recommend checking out our About Us video to learn more!

At each clothing swap event we ask that you bring at least a minimum of 5 items, but you can bring as many as you want 10, 20, 50 or 100! You can walk out with an equal number of new-to-you items. So if you are ready or event just thinking about it, search for an event in your area and get your ticket today!

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Keep Your Closet Organized

Keep your closet organized with these top three tips to help ease frustration each morning as you get ready and also keep items in your wardrobe from wearing out quickly. (Click image below to watch video.)

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Everyone’s closet and the space you have to work with is a little bit different. Walk-in or no walk-in — or separate room entirely — the closet organization tips that I will be sharing with you today will work for you regardless of the space that you have to work with.

Starting your day is a lot less stressful when you can walk into a closet and clearly see all of your options – as if your clothes are sitting there just waiting for you. The tips I’ll be sharing with you today are the ones that I use to

Keep your closet organized with these three tips:

  • Color coordinate
  • Stuff your stuff (boots & purses)
  • Keep jewelry at bay

Tip #1: Color coordinate

The best way to find something quickly in your closet is to search for the color. If you have everything grouped together by color, you’ll know right where to look as opposed to having to search through your entire closet for one little item.

I color coordinate my closet and it is sorted into chunks of black, gray, white and then blues, reds, purples, yellows, oranges and beige. This helps me know right where to look when I need to find an item. And I know if it is not there, then it is likely in the hamper waiting to be washed and I don’t have to search my entire closet for it. Once laundry is done, I hang everything clean back up in the color block that it belongs to.

Keep Your Closet Organized Color Coordinate

Color coordinating your closet is easier than you think and is initially a one time project that you can take the time to invest in up front and then maintain over time by keeping up on top of it each time you put clean clothes back into your closet.

Tip #2: Stuff your stuff (boots & purses)

The word “stuff” is one of my least favorite words, but I am going to use it here anyways. Stuff refers to boots and purses and keeping these stuffed will help how your closet looks when everything is displayed. It also gives that “new” feeling, like everything in your closet is straight out of the store, as well as keep your purses and boots in great condition over time.

Keep Your Closet Organized Stuff Your Purse

To stuff your purses, use tissue paper or even bags that you have laying around the house. Once stuffed, line them up on the shelf and enjoy how nicely they stay there!

To stuff your boots, use old magazines. Roll one up and put down inside the leg of the boot. This will keep your boots standing upright and also prevent creases and wear on the exterior fabric that would otherwise cause your boots to wear out faster.

Tip #3: Keep jewelry at bay

Who wants to dig through a tangled up mess of necklaces, bracelets and earrings each morning when you are in a rush to get ready for work? One of the best decisions I made to help organize my closet was to invest in a jewelry armoire. My favorite is the stand-up with a full-length mirror on the front. Once you open it up, there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. No more digging through a dresser top jewelry box searching for just the right thing. Necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings are right there where you can see them and grab them quickly and go.

Keep Your Closet Organized Jewelry Armoire Mirror Keep Your Closet Organized Jewelry Armoire Door   Keep Your Closet Organized Jewelry Armoire Inside

Try one or all three of these tips to keep your closet organized and you’ll look better, feel better and encounter more relaxing and less stressful mornings each day as you are getting ready.

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How To Get Ready Fast!

How to get ready fast and still look gorgeous! In this video I’ll share my top time-saving technique for dressing in no time flat each morning, saving yourself the time and frustration that normally comes with scrambling through your closet each morning. Plus, I also have a few more trendy trade Clothing Swap Event finds to share with you. Combined, they have a value at just under $200 and could be yours for a fraction of that price at an upcoming trendy trade Clothing Swap Event! (Click image below to play video.)

how to get ready fast trendy trade clothing swap events READY TO FLIP YOUR FASHION?Click here to check availability for upcoming events in your area!

If you have a super busy week ahead of you and half your morning routine consists of deciding what to wear, or changing in and out of outfits until half your closet is torn apart, then you’ll want to read on! I will be sharing my secrets for how to get ready fast, dress in no time flat and still look gorgeous!

Life is busy now and we are constantly taking on more, adding more to our plates, trying to please more people all the while promising ourselves that we’ll continue to chase that ever elusive “balance” that we all seek in our lives. When we get busier one of the first things to go is how we take care of ourselves and taking good care of ourselves. So, I want to encourage you with some tips below. I also want to let you know that it is ok to give yourself permission to spend a little time making sure you are ready to head into your day and these tips will help you with that as well.

If you have watched my video on What Is Closet Shopping? then you’ll already have a head start on how to get ready fast, but if you haven’t, no big deal, you can pick it up from here and run with it.

Believe me, I would love nothing more than to slick my hair back and throw on a pair of yoga pants every day (and a lot of days I do!) But for those days when life requires a little bit more from us, here are a few tips:

How To Get Ready Fast | Tip #1: Think about your week ahead

The first thing you will want to do is think about your week ahead. Are you going to be in an office? Running errands? Taking care of the kids? If you wear a uniform to work, what is life before and after work like? Just take a few short minutes to think about what the week ahead will hold, so that you can best plan outfits that will go with the activities ahead that week.

How To Get Ready Fast | Tip #2: Set an area for staging

Next, set an area for staging. If you have a large wall in your bedroom like a hallway near the closet or even in your closet itself, you could use that for your staging area. If you don’t have a large wall, then the front of your closet is fine, just hang the items on the clothing bar or rod that you already have hanging. Of course, you have to first clear the space in your closet to be able to do that, so if you haven’t already you may want to head over to my video on How To Clean Out Your Closet after reading this.

In your staging area, you are going to want to have hooks on the wall  (if you are using a wall) or ways to attach or group together hangers and different items if you are using the rod in your closet as your staging area. If you look on Pinterest, you’ll see lots of different ideas on how to do this — one of them being pop tabs to attach hangers.

How To Get Ready Fast | Tip #3: Select your outfits for the week

So, after you’ve thought about your week ahead and chosen an area for staging, then you are going to want to start selecting your outfits for the week. And set them in order; Mon, Tues, Wed, and so on. Begin with the main item that will be your wardrobe basic and then work around that. So, you’ll want to select the item that you will wear on Monday and put it on the first hook. Then, repeat for each day.

After you have the main piece up, start adding the complimentary wardrobe items and accessories around it. This would be everything, from leggings, jackets and scarves to belts, necklaces, rings and even undergarments. I know this seems excessive, but what it is going to help you do is make sure that you have everything you need as you head into your week and prevent you from having to get halfway dressed and then undressed and starting all over again just because the right undergarment isn’t cleaned or you can’t find the right color leggings. Again, it is going to save you so much time in your week.

How To Get Ready Fast | Tip #4: Have a few backups

So what happens if you get to Thursday and say the outfit you had picked out doesn’t go with how you’re feeling that day? When you are staging, you will also want to have a few backups. I would have two main ones: a nicer outfit and a more casual outfit. This is because even though we might do our best to plan based on what we know will happen that week, but things always come up last minute and it’s really those last minute plans that can make us really have to scramble. So having a dressier backup as well as a casual backup can help take some more of the stress out of your week.

If you get through your week and didn’t need the backups, great! You either have a head start on staging your wardrobe for the next week or you have backups ready all the time.

I know this all seems crazy and like it will take a huge chunk of time to do, but think about this — how much time do you waste each morning trying to put everything together? Now, that time is sectioned off differently in your week as prep time rather than getting ready time. The other huge benefit to this is that it will save you from scrambling through your closet each morning trying to hunt down those leggings or that scarf, or your missing bracelet, and then having to start all over again because you can’t find the final item to complete the outfit you’ve already chosen. So again, I know it seems like it is going to be time consuming to do this, but actually it will save you time and a lot of frustration getting ready in the morning as you take on your week.

This can get a little addicting, so you may become overly ambitious and get carried away and start on a 2nd or 3rd week. If you try any of the tips from this blog or have any questions, be sure to write that in the comments right below. I’d love to hear it!

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