Power of Color, About Us & 3 Clothing Swap Finds

Today we’re talking about the power of color in what you wear. I’ll also show you three items you can find at trendy trade Clothing Swap Events. For those of you that are new to trendy trade, I’ll explain what goes on at our clothing swaps. Plus, I’ll tell you where I stumbled upon a contest for a free pair of shoes every week that you can enter! (Click image below to play video.)

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We have done more than 50 events all across the country in the last five years and one thing that I have learned along the way is that some women are braver than others, so I wanted to start doing these videos for a couple reasons:

  1. It gives you some insight into the trendy trade culture and what it’s all about
  2. You’ll be able to see some of the clothing and accessories… tops, dresses, shoes, jewelry, shirts, pants …that are going to be at or have been at a trendy trade
  3. Once you know more about trendy trade and can see the types of items you might be able to expect to get at an event, you’ll feel comfortable enough with it to be brave and come to your first event!

trendy trade: How It Works

If you haven’t yet been to a trendy trade Clothing Swap Event, I want to explain how it works. We pick a date, time and place where we want to have the clothing swap and spread the word — all women are invited to attend. Just clean out your closet with things you don’t use anymore (shoes, purses, dresses, pants, jeans, tops, sweaters, coats, jewelry) and bring them with you – we ask for a minimum of five. You can purchase your ticket online in advance, which helps us to better plan the event and know how many ladies to expect. At some events, tickets are available for purchase at the door. Selling tickets allows us to continue to put on great events for you and helps to cover some of the costs associated with planning the events.

So now that you have cleaned out your closet and brought your items, we ask for just about 30 minutes to get everyone checked in, get all of the items screened and sorted. During that time you can grab a something to eat or drink at the venue and meet some of the other ladies there. One of my favorite parts of the events is seeing ladies that were strangers at the beginning of the event become friends by the end. Once we open it up for swapping, you are able to go through everything that’s there and take whatever you want home with you, typically up to the number of items you brought. So bring 5 take 5, bring 20, take 20.

Supporting women locally

One of the causes near and dear to my heart is helping and supporting single moms, so we will find a local charity along those lines and donate the unclaimed items at the end of the event. Depending on the needs of those organizations, we’ll also carryover some items left at the end of an event to the next trendy trade.

It’s a lot of fun, all the ladies that attend are super nice, nobody judges and nobody bites, so if you haven’t joined us before, please plan to join us in 2017. We’re currently in the process of getting a few events organized in a few different cities, so stay tuned for those details or sign-up for our newsletter to be the first to know when those details are released! Also, if you want to see photos from our events, visit our Facebook page and check out the albums from past events.

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READY TO FLIP YOUR FASHION?Click here to check availability for upcoming events in your area!