Two Steps to Jump-Start Your Efficiency

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One of the core beliefs of trendy trade clothing swap events is that if you use what you have wisely you will never be in need. As the old proverb says, “waste not, want not.” It goes hand in hand with being efficient.

Efficiency: preventing the wasteful use of a particular resource

Clothing aside for one moment, one of our most treasured resources is our time. Consider this — you can work hard all day long at spinning your wheels. You are still working hard, but you are not getting anywhere. Busyness and working are not the same thing.

How do you know if your work is efficient? Look for two things:

  • One, you are exerting effort on the right thing with little to no wasted effort and
  • Two, you have something to show for that work when it is done.

When working, focus your energy towards accomplishing a task – focus gets you working efficiently. The work will then end in something – you will have an end product or a result to show for the energy you have exerted.

You can’t do anything halfheartedly and expect to get the full result. Maybe it is just the Midwestern farm girl in me, but I believe hard work pays off and anything less risks breeding entitlement. The reward you seek for a job well done comes to you based on your efforts.

Working does not mean staying busy. If you find you are staying busy, but not accomplishing anything, it is time to reevaluate how you are working. Are you focusing your energy on the right things and in the right way? Eliminate what is not working – discard the waste — and try something new.


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Believe Anything is Possible

Believe Anything is Possible trendy trade clothing swamp events llc

Look up into the sky on a clear night and soak in the view. Those billions of stars, planets and galaxies are all waiting to be discovered and some of them, we have. Humans are living and existing in space — eating, breathing, surviving on the International Space Station. In another decade or so, rockets will be launched into space to asteroids threatening the earth to send them into reorbit so they don’t destroy us. It’s true and in development as we speak. If people have dared to believe that this was possible and have made it happen, how can we ever think that our dreams are not possible too? Anything is possible, if we believe — and that is where it all starts.

Trendy trade clothing swap events were created out of nothing. It came out of a small seed of an idea and the belief that something like this was possible. To date, we have swapped over 3,000 items of clothing at our various events and donated over 1,000 items to charities that help women in need. None of this would have happened if we didn’t do something simply so small to begin with: dare to believe it was possible and take one small step to make it happen.

To accomplish anything, first comes the belief that you can. First, see it in your mind to begin. Then, take the next step to help bring it to fruition. It’s all you have to keep doing – put one foot in front of the other and repeat; one small step at a time.


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