A Life Repurposed: Audrey’s Story – Part 1

a life repurposed blog audrey's story part 1

One small event can be the catalyst for big life change. We’ve seen it happen over and over again at our trendy trade clothing swap events. Within our first couple of events, I began to realize the power of just getting a group of women together in one place at one time. The clothes, purses, shoes and jewelry are all a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong, but simply having the power to reach out and connect with other women face-to-face, is the launching pad for even greater things to happen.

At one of the clothing swap events, I asked one of the ladies if she had found anything [clothing] and her emphatic reply was “I found my purpose!” as she tossed her hand up in the air. I was so excited for her because I knew how important it was at that point in her life. Audrey, a wife and stay-at-home mother for over 20 years was sending her first born off to college and watching her second grow up just as quickly and contemplating what her life would hold next.

A model of excellence, any domestic goddess would lose her crown trying to keep up with this lady. Every room perfectly packaged, every meal carefully cooked, and a house filled with love, it’s the kind of place where you feel right at home the moment you step foot across the threshold. In Audrey’s house, marriage and motherhood are an art and she has mastered it. So it caught her, and everyone else, by surprise that she was now searching for new meaning in life.

She had connected with another woman at one of our trendy trade Phoenix clothing swap events and they began talking about a partnership that could come from the connection. It was a win/win situation and perfectly timed – quite the serendipitous encounter.

What we didn’t know at the time was that the small conversation was only the beginning of an inspiring story with a journey that would take her across the world and back and an ending that is still yet to be written. One thing always leads to another and through this encounter, Audrey found seeds being planted in her heart to prepare her to help women in need across the globe.

Her decision to travel to Cambodia was just as surprising to her as it was to everyone that knew her. Leaving the comfort of her family, community and home was a risk, but going with a large group helped to put her at ease. However, things didn’t stay that way. As the trip approached, the group dwindled from 12 to three and then the day before, just two…

Next week this story continues. Check back then for Part 2 of A Life Repurposed: Audrey’s Story

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trendy trade Sacramento Clothing Swap Event Preview

trendy trade clothing swap event Sacramento

We are excited to announce a first for trendy trade clothing swap events as we open up the event to a new city, Sacramento! You won’t want to miss out so be sure to scroll down to find out how to get your tickets today. The event is open to all women; space is limited.

Join us for the inaugural trendy trade Sacramento clothing swap event coming up Saturday, March 7, 2015. All women are invited to attend. Plus, you can do some good while having fun as unclaimed items at the end of each event go directly to helping local women in need.


Bring a minimum of five items to trade to participate in the event. We accept up-to-date and dry-cleaned or laundered clothing with no stains or signs of wear, including: pants, tops, jackets, sweaters, coats, dresses, skirts, purses, like-new shoes, belts, hats and other trendy accessories.

The number of items you bring is the number of items you get to also take home, so it’s like going through the closet of all your friends and taking whatever you want home with you. Bring five, take five or bring 20, take 20! Participants can walk away with ‘new-to-you’ clothing and accessories. Typically, items show up that even still have the tags on them. You never know what treasures you will get to walk away with at a trendy trade clothing swap event. Visit our FAQ page for more details on what is accepted into the swap.

Unclaimed items at the end of each trendy trade Sacramento clothing swap event will benefit local women in need through Acres of Hope. To find out more about Acres of Hope, you may visit their website at acresofhopeonline.org.


Journey Church, located at 9001 Foothills Blvd, Roseville is the backdrop for the next trendy trade Sacramento clothing swap event. Just look for the directional signs and follow them into the plaza. Parking is in the parking lot in the front and around the sides of the building. Parking is free. Overflow parking is available on the side street (Niblick Dr.)


Trendy trade clothing swap events are open to the public and all women are invited to attend. To ensure that you have a place in the swap, register online in advance for this complimentary inaugural event. Register online in advance here.


One of the things we are passionate about is helping women, especially single mothers, both locally and globally. At this trendy trade Sacramento clothing swap event, we are proud to have representatives from both Sak Saum and Acres of Hope in attendance. Here is a sneak peek at both organizations and how they help women in need.


Sak Saum serves the exploited and vulnerable of Cambodia. Though no two stories are alike, the outcome of trafficking and abject poverty is the same: brokenness, hopelessness, shame and life-crushing despair. Sak Saum works to end this devastating cycle by restoring dignity and transforming lives. They believe in seeing people set free through love so they can be empowered for their future. Trendy trade is proud to support Sak Saum through showcasing their mission and beautiful items available for purchase at our events.

A sampling of Sak Saum's beautiful handmade products available for purchase

A sampling of Sak Saum’s beautiful handmade products available for purchase


Through their faith-based program, Acres of Hope provides a long-term housing option for homeless women with children. Acres’ program helps mothers transition out of destructive cycles and patterns of behavior that have led to homelessness and into whole and healthful living that gives them long-term stability and hope. Trendy trade is proud to support Acres of Hope through our Sacramento area clothing swap events. Unclaimed items at the end of each trendy trade Sacramento clothing swap event will be donated directly to meet the needs of mothers at Acres of Hope as they transition back into the workforce. Additional items will also be donated to their local boutique, ReNew.


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One simple solution: just love

trendy trade clothing swap events just love

If you find yourself fighting a constant battle of relational issues with someone, let me ask, are you loving that person? One simple concept can solve so many of our problems, yet we don’t do it for a myriad of reasons. We think we’re not capable, we think they don’t deserve it or we simply don’t want to. After all, how can you love someone so difficult, mean, abrasive or harsh?

Loving someone doesn’t mean putting yourself in harms way. You don’t have to be constantly subjected to unhealthy words and circumstances. Loving someone in a healthy way comes from a place of compassion and it’s not always easy, but it is worth it. If you can get to a place of realizing why that difficult person acts the way they do, that is the beginning of compassion, which is the beginning of love.

Think about a time when someone showed you love, even if you didn’t deserve it. How did it feel? Now, how would you feel if you could extend that same understanding to someone else? If not for them, for yourself? To get you in a place of being able to manage through difficulties.

If we would widen our perspectives we would see that the answer to so many things is to just love, even when it’s difficult. Amazing things happen when you choose to show compassion to someone even if it seems they don’t deserve it. You could impact them in a life-changing way just by setting the example — just love.


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What is a beautiful exchange?

trendy trade clothing swap events a beautiful exchange blog

What makes an exchange beautiful? We believe that an exchange is beautiful when both sides involved in the exchange win. It’s not beautiful if someone comes out ahead at the expense of someone else. That’s not an arrangement we want any part of and so at each trendy trade clothing swap event, you will find a series of beautiful exchanges.

The primary exchange is the clothing that is being traded. Item-for-item, you’re attending and trading clothing, accessories and other items you don’t use for items you will use. That’s beautiful and just plain smart too! You are spending less, saving more and making the most of what you already have by exchanging unused items for items you will love to use. That’s beautiful.

A secondary exchange that happens is a product of the clothing swap events. Without fail, we have a surplus of clothes and we have found a way to make the most of these as well by helping women in need right here in our community. At the end of each trendy trade clothing swap event, unclaimed items are donated to a local women’s charity. They receive the clothes, which become a valuable resource for helping to transform lives, and at the same time we are given the opportunity to feel good about helping other women in our community.

One of the most beautiful exchanges that is made during a trendy trade clothing swap event is through product sales. The only items sold, and not traded, at a trendy trade clothing swap event are handmade items from Sak Saum and Living Hope Maternity Home. They offer us a beautiful product to use and enjoy and in exchange, we can pay for that product knowing that money is being used directly to change lives. Yes, you can get the same thing at a store, but here we know exactly how our money spent is making the world a better place.

Another beautiful exchange is the exchange of knowledge and encouragement that happens among the women at our events. Whether it is between the women that are attending and sharing uplifting conversations and encouraging words with one another or our vendors and local women business owners providing education about their products and services, beautiful exchanges are going on all around during our trendy trade clothing swap events. Local women business owners have been selected to attend and share their knowledge, products and services with attendees. You are getting information, products and services from a quality vendor and being connected with women that can become a valuable and knowledgeable resource for you at the same time. We love seeing the doors that open and new opportunities created for women when these types of connections are made.

There are layers upon layers of beautiful exchanges happening each time we gather for a trendy trade clothing swap event. The impact ripples out into the world around us and we’ll spread the impact as far as we can reach. Each time you attend, you are also supporting women locally and globally, just by having an afternoon of fun and walking out the door with new fabulous favorite finds – that is just plain beautiful.


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