Stop waiting for permission

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Some people call them pipe dreams, lofty goals or think “someday” they’ll get to it. Whatever “it” is for you, don’t wait for permission. Maybe you have an inspiring idea or are tossing around a dream in your head, but the timing doesn’t seem right or the people aren’t there to help or …. (name your reason.) What are you waiting for?

With deeper reflection you may find that possibly what is holding you back is that you are waiting for someone to appoint you to the task, when in all actuality no such person exists. Take that first step outside your comfort zone and be the first person to believe in your dream.

No one can give you permission but you. If you are not breaking any laws and it will not hurt anyone, don’t wait for permission. Get started! Once you do, things have a way of falling into place. It just takes you giving yourself permission to dream and then permission to act on the dream that is uniquely yours.

Still not convinced? Then get started anyways, you have our permission.


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Love people more, love stuff less

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It breaks my heart to see people loving things more than they love people. It’s seemingly our default response when we feel someone or something has wronged us. We turn our attention to the tangible for comfort – the career that hasn’t yet let us down, a shopping trip to fill the void, or a drink to help us feel anything other than what we’re feeling.

Right about now you may be hunting down the irony to be found in the fact that the girl that organizes clothing swap events compiled of hundreds of items of clothing and accessories (all so materialistic, right?) is professing to love people more than stuff. But, please allow me to open your eyes to this – the “stuff” is our way to loving people.

Some people can only be reached through their things or reached when those things have disappeared from their life. They’ll spend all day shopping and will never know the value of people until they’ve lost everything they have.

Please hear me when I say, it’s not about the stuff – it never has been and it never will be. For us, it’s about helping women. It’s about helping women make the most of what they have and it’s about helping women help other women. We love people and the stuff is our way to them to be able to do that.


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Surrender actually can be sweet

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I never understood why surrender was so sweet. As a former control freak, if you wanted to get me anywhere close to surrender, you’d have to drag me kicking and screaming to it. Nothing about surrender ever felt natural, or sweet, until now.

Think about your options. If you don’t surrender, the only other choice is to keep battling it. Constant opposition is exhausting. Constant opposition steals focus from more important things that should be getting your attention.

So, I give up! When I say I give up, I mean I am relinquishing full control, which means I no longer own this problem. I so badly don’t want it that I keep trying to, with force, keep it at an arms length at minimum — or at most — actively try to to push it out of my life. It’s constant battling. If I don’t make that choice on my own, eventually I will wear myself out trying to fight it, and then at the point of exhaustion I will give up.

When nothing else works and we’ve tried all we can try, we give up and surrender. Most of the time it’s the last thing we do when it should be the first. If it’s the first, we save ourselves so much grief, energy and in some cases, resources and money. We become so tired of “it” so sick of “it” so desperate to be done with “it” that we just finally fall in exhaustion and give up. That’s the point of surrender. We decide to be done with it. We’ve fought until there is no more fight in us.

We’re not giving way to it, we’re simply choosing to loosen the tie that it has on us – and that is what can be so sweet about surrender. It detaches us from that thing that we never wanted in the first place.


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Take inventory of something less tangible

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We’ll always encourage you to take inventory of what is in your closet and then bring those unused items to trendy trade clothing swap events to exchange. But, at this time of the year, we also want to encourage you to take inventory of something a little less tangible. We all live with beliefs, ideas, thoughts and attitudes that are cluttering up our mind, placing restrictions on our lives and holding us back from experiencing the best that life has to offer. It’s time to take inventory of those thoughts that no longer help us and then trade them for thoughts and ideas that do – here’s how.

Step one: Observe and notice

The first step is to notice them. Become aware of those moments when something small starts to set you off and you begin, mentally, to spiral downward. At first, you may not even realize that you are consistently living from a place of constant irritation with yourself or other people, but the more you attempt to become aware of it, the more you will realize how many thoughts need to be swept out of your mind and resolved once and for all.

Take note of beliefs, ideas, thoughts and attitudes that keep you from believing the best about yourself and others. Some indicators of those types of beliefs would be: consistent frustration, irritation, upset, anger, resentment, and annoyance. You do not have to continually operate from such an un-empowered place. What purpose does it serve?

Step two: Keep or discard?

The second step is to decide to keep those thoughts that empower you and then discard or replace the ones that don’t. Maybe you have held on to a certain thought, belief, attitude or idea for a long time because for some reason it worked for you. But, it might be the case now that it no longer does. Time to let go and find a new, more empowering way of being.

Still having difficulty letting go? Let me offer an example. If someone in my life is being difficult, I might be tempted to take that personally and head straight into the downward spiral of believing their bad attitude has something to do with me. If you have a relational mess to clean up, clean it up, but if not, give the person the benefit of the doubt – you never know what they are going through and you don’t have to make it about you.

Here’s the beautiful thing…

The beautiful thing is that once you take inventory and get rid of the beliefs, ideas, thoughts and attitudes that no longer serve you, your mind will be free to live from a place of strength and love. It might be a battle, but it’s a battle worth pursuing because in the end your mind will be free and clear and there will be plenty of room in there for something new and empowering to come in.