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“I love that it goes for a good cause and you run into really nice, sweet people. You always come home with something wonderful and it’s so much faster than shopping!”
Susan, Phoenix

“Every time I’ve gone to a trendy trade event, I’ve had a chance to meet great new people & take away at least one fun new item (and wear it by the next week of course ;))!” Karen, Queen Creek

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Closet getting just a little stale? Breathe new life into unused clothing, shoes, purses, accessories and other items sitting in your closet. Bring them to a trendy trade clothing swap event and watch those threads thrive and find new life in a new home. Plus, take home fabulous finds of your own and breathe new life into those new-to-you pieces!

Items that remain unclaimed at the end of every trendy trade clothing swap event will be donated to a local charity dedicated to helping women build a better life. So long after it's gone, your clothing will live a new life doing good for a local woman in need. You can feel good about doing good while having fun.

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You never know what doors and new opportunities will open for you through the ladies you meet at a trendy trade clothing swap event. We've seen lives changed and purposes found. People have a way of opening up when the conversation sparks. We invite you to join us and see for yourself! It's the most stylish way to connect!



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Traded to date 3257 items
Donated to women in need 1178 items

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A Life Repurposed: Audrey’s Story – Part 1

a life repurposed blog audrey's story part 1 One small event can be the catalyst for big life change. We’ve seen it happen over and over again at our trendy trade clothing swap events. Within our first couple of events, I began to realize the power of just getting a group of women together in one place at one time. The clothes, purses, shoes and jewelry are all a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong, but simply having the power to reach out and connect with other women face-to-face, is the launching pad for even greater things to happen. At one of the clothing swap events, I asked one of the ladies if she had found anything [clothing] and her emphatic reply was “I found my purpose!” as she tossed her hand up in the air. I was so excited for her because I knew how important it was at that point in her life. Audrey, a wife and stay-at-home mother for over 20 years was sending her first born off to college and watching her second grow up just as quickly and contemplating what her life would hold next. A model of excellence, any domestic goddess would lose her crown trying to keep up with this lady. Every room perfectly packaged, every meal carefully cooked, and a house filled with love, it’s the kind of place where you feel right at home the moment you step foot across the threshold. In Audrey’s house, marriage and motherhood are an art and she has mastered it. So it caught her, and everyone else, by surprise that she was now searching for new meaning in life. She had connected with another woman at one of our trendy trade Phoenix clothing swap events and they began talking about a partnership that could come from the connection. It was a win/win situation and perfectly timed – quite the serendipitous encounter. What we didn’t know at the time was that the small conversation was only the beginning of an inspiring story with a journey that would take her across the world and back and an ending that is still yet to be written. One thing always leads to another and through this encounter, Audrey found seeds being planted in her heart to prepare her to help women in need across the globe. Her decision to travel to Cambodia was just as surprising to her as it was to everyone that knew her. Leaving the comfort of her family, community and home was a risk, but going with a large group helped to put her at ease. However, things didn’t stay that way. As the trip approached, the group dwindled from 12 to three and then the day before, just two… Next week this story continues. Check back then for Part 2 of A Life Repurposed: Audrey’s Story #liferepurposed Connect with us onlinefacebook ] [ pinterest ] [ twitter ] [ YouTube ]